Actually, there’s very little we can’t frame!  Original art in any media, prints, photos, posters, diplomas, needle art, giclees, maps, awards, flags, memorabilia (sports, military, family memories), mirrors, you name it!

John Miller started this framing business in 1998.  He does all the work personally and right on the premises…and works with every customer to achieve the best design results at the best possible price. There are thousands of frame samples on display.  J Miller observes the highest professional standards recognized in the picture framing industry.  “Conservation framing” is what we do.  Numerous awards and countless customer testimonials affirm J Miller’s competencies.  We work with you and make suggestions (or not, if you prefer).  We are a proud small local business!  We give back to the community in many ways and have donated to over 100 worthy organizations.

Best answer:  No and Sometimes.  Actually, when done right and with the customer’s budget in mind, quality custom framing rewards the consumer with the satisfaction of long term value.  Of course, it costs more than simply buying a ready-made plastic frame at the big box store and popping something inside the frame.  We would not have nearly 25 years of success if customers did not recognize and appreciate the exceptional value of what J Miller provides.  By the way, we don’t deal with estimates.  We provide a firm price for the finished design.

Yes, with available technology, there’s little that we or our collaborators cannot accomplish.  We also do full archival restorations of damaged paintings and vintage frames.  The results are amazing!

Yes.  Just pick a frame sample and we do the rest!

Our work is custom and we’re always busy all year.  It generally takes two weeks or so…and sometimes longer for more involved projects.  But if there’s a need by a particular date, chances are we can make that happen.

No.  Appointments are not necessary.  It’s first come, first served.  But if you’re coming to pick something up, we help with that right away!

Yes, we always have a display of framed local original art and quality prints available for purchase, and a generous selection of unframed maps, prints and photographs of Cape-area significance.

Yes. We offered expert hanging.  It’s a much appreciated service.  Placement advice is also given, if desired.

We need light to see.  But light is the enemy of art because too much of it will cause fading and other damage.  We offer numerous kinds of glass and acrylic “glazing” that provides protection…and even greater clarity.  Oh…we also offer a wide variety of picture frame light fixtures!

Absolutely!  In a wide variety of finishes, colors and sizes.

Yep…we happily do that too.  Many fonts, plate styles, and sizes.