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We jokingly sometimes say "we can frame ANYTHING"!  But it's true!  Art, mirrors, military items, sports jerseys, flags, family memorabilia, heirloom collectibles, photo montages, sea shells, tools and relics, stamp collections, coins...the list goes on and on.  Here's a small sampling of the kinds of things we are capable of:

We can renew or restore almost any frame, paintings and other artwork, photographs, and documents.  This includes full restoration of vintage frames, gold and silver leafing, canvas cleaning and relining, document conservation, and much more.
Framing isn't just the frame.  It's the overall design...colors, textures, mats, fillets, moldings, spacers, fabrics, mounting techniques, and more.

Why settle for a boring frame when a little creative expertise can turn your framable items into something both you and your visitors will say "WOW" about?

We offer thousands of frames, hundreds of mat colors and textures, along with creativity and expertise you simply won't find at ordinary frame shops!

These samples reflect some of the reasons J Miller, Pictureframer has won regional and national awards, and once again has been honored on Cape Cod with the Community Newspapers' "Readers Choice Award".

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All work is performed on-site by professional framers using
state-of-the-art equipment, materials and techniques.